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Don’t just take our word for it... here are what others have to say about Guthrie FIT!

Tom’s training sessions are both challenging and supportive. Over a period of years he has focused on particular weaknesses of mine, and I’ve benefited from exercises tailored for my use at home and at the office that have improved my flexibility and helped me cope with some growing physical problems. Patient and encouraging, practical and effective, genuinely interested in better health, Tom is a pleasure to work with.


Mike Merenda, Executive Vice President of Capital BlueCross of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


My wife and I have been working out with Tom for the last five years at the Harvard Club. Tom’s total body workouts have helped me stay fit and get stronger. Tom’s classes for “abs” as well as core are creative and targeted towards his clients age and ability. I feel healthier and stronger at 63, thanks to Tom.


Anil Nayar, US National Inter-Collegiate Champion 3 years, National Champion in various age groups and member  of the college Squash Hall Of Fame.

Tom’s training improved my squash performance tremendously. After a few sessions with Tom, I have already felt stronger and more balanced. His vast knowledge and immediate understanding of ones needs allows him to bring high-quality elements of specificity to a clients training. I am now dependent on Tom’s guidance and I highly recommend him.


Yasser El Halaby, only 4-time male National Collegiate Squash Champion, Pro circuit career high of #40 worldwide in 2008


Tom has given me more assistance and more hope than anyone I have worked with in other facilities. Tom is extremely smart and knowledgeable, and he shows tremendous competence in designing exercises to deal with my physical challenges. Tom’s very positive personality makes it a pleasure to work together to increase my mobility, strength and stability.


Richard M. Edelman, attorney, who has undergone physical therapy for over five years with numerous therapist.


Tom helped me tremendously to prepare for my wedding and then through my pregnancy and after I gave birth. I was my most fit at my wedding. His training helped keep me very healthy during the pregnancy and most importantly he gave me the strength to get through the delivery. Tom has trained me for more than four years. He is a very professional, knowledgeable, wonderful and friendly person. I highly recommend him to anyone without any reservation.


Kei Yau, Executive Director or Vista Link


Working out with Tom means never being bored. Over the years, he has consistently evolved our Workouts in a way that keeps me fully engaged and challenged. I have ADHD, so that’s no small feat. And when I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon playing squash, Tom worked directly with my physical therapist to coordinate a safe and Efficient recovery program. It was an extraordinary acts that is extremely consistent with Tom’s generous and educated approach to fitness.

Michael Laskoff, EntrepreneurFounder AbiliTo, LLC

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